The Vilamajor’s High School celebrates English Week

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30 students who haven’t gone to Ireland take part in an English-language project based on a musical performance and a solidarity investment

8th grade students who aren’t going Ireland on the week from March 9th to 13th are participating in a project called English week, which is allowing them to practice English through two activities: Singlish & Kiva Project.

Singlish is a project that involves performing English language songs. Students have to work in groups throughout the week, reading their lyrics and then having a small concert at the end of the week in the playground.

On the other hand, Kiva is a project in which the High School gives $25 to students to invest in small start-up companies. The purpose is to help those in need through the website 

As for the students in Ireland , they are taking English classes in the morning and in the afternoon they are taking tours around Dublin.