What to see during confinment?

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The Alzina’s newsroom makes a list of recommendations of series and films to watch during the confinement due to the new coronavirus

Locke & Key

Aina López. 1st ESO. Institut Alzina. Barcelona

Locke & Key is a Netflix original series. It is directed by Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill. It is based on a comic book. It’s a very good series, with a mix of adventure, drama, mystery, fantasy and a little bit of terror.

Locke & Key is interesting because in the beginning of the story you don’t know a lot of things about the strange facts that are going on, but then the main character starts to discover things and everything makes sense.

It is a series that hooks you a lot from the beginning and you don’t get bored watching it at all. It is expected that they record another season, as the last one ends with a cliff-hanger.


Ayla Alcoce. 1st ESO. Institut Alzina. Barcelona

Untouchable is a French movie about a gentleman who can’t move because he suffers from paralysis. Therefore, he needs a person to help him with the tasks of day, as eating or having a shower, for example.

He hires a guy to help him out, even though they are completely different from each other, and start a great friendship.

 At one point, the caretaker discovers that his boss was writing to a girl who was living far away helps him quite a bit with that girl.

One day the paralytic agreed to contact that girl, but when she was arriving, he decided to leave.  When the caretaker was informed of that, he took his boss to a place to stay with that girl and made it clear that as he couldn’t move, he had to stay there.

Untouchable is a deep and sensitive movie. It can be complicated to understand and boring for some.

Stranger Things

Inés Malaret. 1st ESO. Institut Alzina. Barcelona

Stranger Things has three seasons with eight or nine episodes in each one and the fourth is going to come out soon. The public of this TV series are mainly families because it is set in the 80s.

It is a TV series about a group of friends that are struggling with a monster called Demogorgon. The best thing of this TV series is the great adventures that the boys and girls experience.

These actors play very well, the music is cool. The bad thing is that the seasons are very short, and the pause between them is very long. Even though, it’s a great TV series, because it is very emotional and fun.

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Laia Martinez. 1st ESO. Institut Alzina. Barcelona

Élite it is a very good series; it’s cast is formed by talented young actors and actresses.

The choice of actors is excellent. The actress Clàudia Salas is impressive, she knows how to connect humor with drama, and she performs in an excellent way.

The script is sometimes loose but generally good. One thing that is amazing about this series is that it considers sensitive issues in today’s society, such as LGBTQ +, having more than one love, open relationships, AIDS, religion and young people, drugs, etc.

It wasn’t made only for teenagers, but also for adults. The series hooks you the first time you start watching it.

Although it’s an excellent TV show, maybe it shouldn’t launch another season – as, in other cases, this makes the series ending up boring and losing all the good things it had before.