Debunking animals myth’s

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Maria Conesa. Colegio Alfinach. 5º primaria. Valencia.

In this article, we are going to answer some questions we’ve always wondered. Are you ready? Let’s discover the truth!

Flamingos rest in one leg when they’re on water to not get cold?

No, they only do it to reduce their effort. Although for us resting on one leg is hard, they love it!

Do mice love cheese?

It’s true that mice like cheese, but they also love sweet food like chocolate, butter, candies…

 Do fish have bad memory?

Not all of them. A study made in the United States said that some fish have a very good memory that can last days, months or even years. The most common things that they remind are their predators.

 Do Dogs see on black and white?

This is one of the most peculiar myths and the answer is… NO! Dogs don’t see on black and white; they perceive another kind of color like light green.

It is impossible to train a cat?

No, we can train cats! The thing is that cats are less sociable than dogs, and it’s a little harder, but with practice you can achieve it.

Are bones good for dogs?

No, dogs shouldn’t eat or bite bones. If they eat them, they can have a stomach problem with wounds. So… don’t give bones to your dog.

Do cats love milk?

Don’t feed your adult cat with milk! Yes, they like it, but they cause stomach pain when they are adults. You only can give them special milk (cat milk) when they are babies.

Are Ostriches so cowards?

People say that ostriches are coward because they hide their head under the floor, but no, they only do it to catch food or material for their nets, such as sand, sticks and mud.

Do Chameleon change their color to camouflage?

Chameleon change their color because of the weather, time or psychological state, but never for camouflage.

Do Bulls attack when they perceived the red color?

Here’s another myth very famous about the bulls. No! They don’t get angry when they see the red color, they attack because of the moves of the bullfighter.