Silvia Tormo: “I love my job so much. Teaching is my passion”

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Ferran Marco. Colegio Alfinach. 5º primaria. Valencia.

Silvia Tormo works in the primary education counseling and told us how much she like her job.

What do you for living?
I’m a teacher, but actually I work as education assistant at Education Administration.

What is your position?
I’m a teaching advisor in the General Direction of Teaching Staff.

What is your function?
Prepare regulations for the different administrative procedures and coordinate these procedures: state exams, service commissions, awards…

Where do you work?
At the Campanar Avenue Ministry of Education in Valencia (Spain).

Why did you study that?
Because I like teaching and everything about it.

Do you like your work? From 6 to 10 how much do you like your work?
I like it so much. I would say…10!

Who is your boss?
The general director.

Did It cost you a lot to get your job?
Yes, I had to study and to do state exams.

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