Qanon, the new conspiracy theory in USA

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Did you know democrats have a pedophile network? Well, many people that believes in this idea might be supporters of the Qanon movement, which is a fake conspiracy theory

Let’s start with what it is exactly. QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory. It is based on the idea that there is a deep state formed by high political charges, largely democrats and people of the elite, such as famous people and that they have a secret net of pedophile where they rape children. Apparently, they rape children to extract the adrenochrome produced by children when they have a traumatic experience. It is believed that the adrenochrome gives you youthfulness and keeps you from getting old so fast.

However, that’s not true. Adrenochrome isn’t a magic potion or something supernatural. It’s just the oxidation of adrenaline. The question is how it is produced. Well, first of all, you have to get adrenaline which is a substance produced by the body when someone is frightened or anxious, also when someone is exposed to an extreme situation not only of terror but also of joy, as doing extreme sports like free climbing or skydiving. So, the more scared and stressed someone is, the more quantity of adrenaline you have in your blood

Moreover, this substance is more or like a drug, even if it is produced by ourselves. You might have heard of people that always need to be having extreme situations, that’s because they are addicted to the feeling of adrenaline. You must be asking yourself why it gets you addicted. The reason is because your body produces adrenaline to be aware. The reactions that cause your bodies are the increase of the heart rate and the rise of  the blood pressure. It increases the respiratory rate, dilates the pupils so that we can see our best, and the most known reaction: it causes a feeling of euphoria.

Upon noticing the effects of adrenaline in humans, he started a certain wave of addicts to adrenochrome, which is nothing more than a compound generated naturally by the body; adrenalized blood.

Now, let’s talk on where and when it started. In october of 2017, an anonymous account published a type of note in 4chan -which is an application used for sharing some images and talking about them and giving different opinions about a topic- using the name Q, it is believed to be an American person, but later a group of people claim to have access to classified information about the Trump administration. «Q» is a reference to the Q access authorization used by the Department of Energy required to access top-secret restricted data and national security information. What people think is that it exists a supposed secret plot organized by a supposed «deep state» against Donald Trump and his followers.

Furthermore, this theory affected the last elections in the USA. This theory is making people go against Biden and the democrat party. There have also been manifestations pro-Trump where somo people carried flags with the Q sign. QAnon has recently announced that Trump is going to help those children who are locked up, and they see Trump as «the savior» and that is why they want to vote for him. Even though this theory has done that more people support Trump, it hasn’t been enough to win the election.

To finish with, I want to point out that is quite contradictory the fact that Trump has been publicly accused by more than 20 women of sexual misconduct or sexual assault and now he is seen as ‘the savior’ against a pedophile network.

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