How would you feel if you had to move from your country? We talked with two Ukrainians

For complicated reasons, there are people who have to leave their country to move on

I wanted to interview the Ukrainians about the difficult situation they had to go through when moving to another country. With an interview with two students who have come to our homes Vova and Sofia.

To get started, we’d love to know how your welcome has been here. Did you hear that? Are you comfortable?

Sofia: Yes, I think my classmates are very nice and funny. The institute is very nice, but it’s smaller than it was before I left Ukraine.

Vova: The students came to me with a lot of questions and helped me, I think it’s a very nice high school.

Did you find many differences with speech here?

Both: The language is very different than in Ukraine. Even the alphabet is different, which makes it more complicated because we have to change the letters and the language.

Do you like L’Ametlla de Mar? Did you live in the village or in the housing estate?

Both: Yes, we like l’Ametlla de Mar, its beautiful, we are living in Calafat.

Have you been to Spain before?

Both: Yes, we have been in Barcelona and Cambrils.

Do you know the village because a family member or friend lives there?

Vova: Yes, my cousin and my aunt live here.

Have you noticed much cultural difference?

Both: Yes, if you go to Ukraine the school is different. For example people are different (they don’t hear anything) there is a nap here and in Ukraine no.

What do you think of the people here?

Both: Compared to Ukraine, people are much nicer and not so dry.

What social media do you usually use?

Both: The ones we use the most are Signal, Telegram, Twitter, Zello and Bridgefy.

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