Joint activity with INEFC-Pirineus

La Valira High School and the INEFC-PIRINEUS University carried out a joint sports activity. The students of INEFC organized a  gymkhana divided into different groups.

Per Júlia Casanovas, Pau Dimitrov, Ares Tomàs i Bernat Gomà

Last Tuesday, 29th of March, at three o’clock in the afternoon, La Valira High School and INEFC-PIRINEUS students met at Parc del Segre of la Seu d’Urgell to carry out a joint activity.

INEFC-PIRINEUS students proposed a “Raid” for students who are currently studying 2nd ESO at La Valira High School.

The activity was composed of several sporting events that participants had to perform with their group. Each test was located in a different place in the city and in the park. Guillem Lampreave was the student of the University in charge of explaining  the different challenges and what they had to do to achieve the final goal. Once they had already passed the stations, the organizers gave the participants a definition  of a word and they had to guess it. The aim of each test was to make a four word sentence. At the end of each, participants received a score based on how they had developed the task.

 Picture taken from Radio Seu

The main goal of the game was to get to the starting point as soon as possible and get the highest total score. The latest arrival time was half past four and each minute of delay after it was penalized with ten points in the final score.

Actually, the participants were very involved in all the activities and they really enjoyed the tests a lot.

When the students finished they said they were very tired. However they all valued the experience very positively and highlighted the value of teamwork and the ability to help others to overcome the events successfully.

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